I am sitting at a table on the 4th Floor of Pier 17 in lower Manhattan during the waning hours of  BlogHer18.  It’s Day Two.

When I signed up as an Early Bird registrant for the conference a few months ago, I was expecting to meet people like me.  People who were content creators, bloggers, influencers and brands.  People who made and wanted to make an impact online.

I was just a little nervous because I am not a natural networker.  I am not a shy person at all but I am not a networker.  However, as soon as I stepped in line that first day, my BlogHer 18 experience started naturally as I connected with people in line. This made me feel good as this was the first time I was going to a conference where I did not know a single person.  This was also a conference that was going to be solely for me — not my family, not my girlfriends,  just me.
So, the line-up is stellar — Brooklyn Decker, Marie Forleo, Tiffani Thiessen, Gabrielle Union, Jessica Alba, Angie Thomas, Christy Turlington-Burns, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Uzo Aduba, Tamron Hall and a surprise appearance by Amy Schumer.  What more can you ask for?  Well, I got more.   The well-known names I just mentioned brought their truth, wisdom and vulnerability.  You did not care about their star power because they represented so much more.  They represented humanity.  All of the other moderators and guest speakers brought their A-game as well.  You were moved, cried a little, laughed a little and admired a lot.
Passing conversations were filled with passion, 30-second pitches and nuggets of knowledge and general information.   The overall, unofficial theme that eventually came from most speakers was live your truth, write your truth, be authentic.
I met people who did not bat an eye at writing their blogs.  They did not care if they didn’t have a journalism degree like me.  They just went for it.
I have been debating what my first blog post should be.  I am choosing this one because it represents the beginning of my consistent journey forward in my writing and public relations career and my life.  Here I go; let the chips fall where they may.  Thanks BlogHer18.